June 12, 2020

Dear Friends of Fierce Freedom and the Justice Run,


In order to protect the health and safety of our community, we have made the decision to go all-virtual with this year's Justice Run.

We held out hope for as long as we could to hold the race at the park, but it has become clear that this is the best way forward. Even though things continue to open in our community and groups are increasingly able to gather in larger numbers outdoors, we anticipate that we will not be able to hold a large outdoor gathering of our size on July 22 due to COVID-19. While it may be possible to hold a smaller event at that time, it would mean drastically reducing the number of people who could attend, as well as a markedly different experience from past years due to social distancing, masking and sanitation guidelines. Those guidelines also present significant logistical challenges to our event. Finally, even with those measures in place, it would be difficult to ensure everyone's health and safety with regards to COVID-19.


Therefore, we are turning our full effort, creativity and resources toward planning a virtual event that has room for everyone and is social, educational, safe, and FUN!!


I must say, as our staff and planning team have been brainstorming and planning for the virtual event over the last week or so, our initial disappointment is turning to EXCITEMENT as we see the possibilities for this virtual event! 

Please watch this hilarious video from our race emcee Matt Kendziera to hear all about the plans for the virtual race!



Here are the highlights of our virtual plans that are in the works:

  • Plan a Justice Run Gathering! Plan a small gathering with your family or friends to run/walk together and have a post-race party afterward- have a picnic, enjoy a campfire, and/or learn more about the issue of human trafficking together.  Please plan your gathering based on your local health department's guidelines for group sizing and social distancing. 


  • Online content for Post-Race Parties- Fierce Freedom will be producing short, engaging online videos and other content specifically for post-race parties to learn more about the issue of human trafficking. There will be something for all ages, including interactive activities for kids and youth! Online content will be posted at www.cvjusticerun.org leading up to July 22.

  • Calling all Youth Groups!  Plan a Justice Run Gathering and post-race party for your youth group (or multiple gatherings if you have a lot of students). We will provide your group with a discount code for your students and leaders to register online for just $10 each! 

  • Other Fun Ideas! A customized printable race bib, sample race routes, opportunities to interact on social media, and MORE!


Feel free to reach out to me at cvjusticerun@gmail.com or 715-514-2890 if you have questions. We are looking foward to a great event!



Carrie Swartz

Race Director

Just Us for Justice Run/Walk